First Step to Greek Life

Going Greek is a huge decision you decide to make when going to college.  The very first thing before actually pledging a sorority or fraternity is recruitment.  Recruitment is a time during either the fall or spring semester where you decide exactly which organization you want to join.

It can be different at every school but the main pattern for selecting a sorority or fraternity is done through about a five day period. During this period you will narrow down which organization you enjoy most until you have found your place.

For sororities there are separate days for narrowing down which organization is best for whom.

  • First day, Go Greek – Very relaxed day where you will talk about the Greek community and what being Greek has done for them.
  • Second day, Getting to Know You – Figuring out who you are as and individual, and what you as a Potential New Member will bring to the chapter.
  • Third day, Theme – A skit is performed telling about their experiences.  Learn about their philanthropy and involvement in the community.
  • Fourth day, Preference – Serious and formal. A day to decide what sorority is best for you and what PNM is best for that sorority.
  • Fifth day, Bid day – Fun and exciting day where you meet your pledge class and find out which organization you will be apart of.

Fraternity recruitment is a lot different than sororities.  Although it lasts almost just as long it is not as intense.

  • First and Second day, Rotation Parties – Go to each fraternity and have a casual conversation to get to know everyone.
  • Third day, Open House – Narrow down to which fraternities you like most and learn more about who they are.
  • Forth day, Presentation Night – Serious and formal.  Last night to fully figure out where you want to join.
  • Fifth day, Bid Day – Recieve a bid. Meet your pledge class and fraternity.

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